Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

"Khayii.com" is 1-stop booking platform for Travel Agencies, where travel agents can book and sell flights, hotels , activities, tours and other travel products with just one click!

In "Khayii.com" portal, travel agencies can (i) search hotels all over the world, all airlines information , tours & activities around the world in one place (ii) book their customer's travel needs in one place and (iii) issue the flight tickets , hotel service vouchers and tour service vouchers for their customers in one place at once.

For example if you book Hotel, in "khayii.com", travel agencies can see the cheapest hotel rates from the input data sources because "khayii.com" contracting team put the hotel rates not only from hotel direct contracts, but also from well-known international wholesale hotel engines. Moreover, for other travel products such as flight tickets, activities, tour packages, and etc., our contracting team put the rates not only from direct contracts & direct accounts , but also from wholesales booking engines around the world.

Yes, all the registered Travel Agencies can book both Domestic & International Airlines, as well Full Service Carriers & LCCs (Low Cost Carriers) at one platform. As well, "khayii.com" team is ready to help for the amendments such as date change, refund, etc., after sales services issued.

Travel Agencies have to register at http://b2b.khayii.com and fill up the Agency Registration Form first. After Agency Account is created, Travel Agencies shall fill credit float under their account, and sell flight tickets, hotels, activities from their agency account easily and conveniently.

You can do bank transfer to one of our bank accounts or you can directly fill your agency account through our payment gateway with your credit card. After you have done, you just need to send reference slip email to finance@khayii.com. During short hours, you will see your transferred amount in your agency account.

Travel Agencies can contact "khayii.com" team through one of the following ways:

  • (1) visit office address at No. 148, Sule Pagoda Road, Kyauktada Township, Yangon, Myanmar
  • (2) register and sign up at http://b2b.khayii.com
  • (3) can call our hotline 24 hours at +9595402525
  • Address :No. 148, Sule Pagoda Road, Kyauktada Township Yangon, Myanmar
  • Phone : +9595402525
  • Website : b2b.khayii.com
  • Email : info@khayii.com


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